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Teachers College of San Joaquin purposefully selects our staff with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Specific attention is paid to finding and selecting skilled practitioners whenever possible. We believe that a teacher's college should promote best practice and validate experts in the field. As a result, our staff and faculty includes teachers, principals, district and county officials, industry leaders, and academics. When choosing staff and faculty, experience and scholarship are weighted equally. We value both our fulltime and our affiliate faculty members.

Diane Carnahan, Ed. D.

Diane Carnahan, Ed. D.

President |

Dr. Diane Carnahan has taught K-5th grades and worked with teachers, students and community members over the last 30 years. She has been a consultant on a variety of California Department of Education committees; Regional Director for WestEd's K-12 Alliance organization, provided professional development activities in math and science and served as a teacher consultant with the Bay Area Writing Project. Diane is currently the President at TCSJ. Particular areas of interest include integration of academics and career technical education, project-based learning, creating 21st Century learning environments, and teaching practices that prepare students for college and career readiness.

Carnahan has a BA from San Jose State University, a M.Ed. in Integrated Mathematics and Science from Fresno Pacific University and a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of the Pacific.

Danielle Daubin, M.Ed.

Danielle (Silva) Daubin, M.Ed.

Coordinator, Administrative Services Credentials |

Danielle Daubin has served in education for over 15 years. Before joining the TCSJ team, Danielle spent nine years in the classroom and four years as the principal of a K-8 elementary school. In the classroom, she has taught everything from English to Social Studies to Art, and worked with students in sixth through twelfth grades. Half of her career was spent in the public school sector while the other half in private school. In 2002, Danielle took a break from education and started a stationary business. Her original work was sold in multiple retail stores throughout San Joaquin County. Danielle was recognized as Teacher of the Year by the County Office of Education for her dedication to education and her students.

Daubin earned both her B.A. in English from California State University, Sacramento and Single Subject Teaching Credential from University of the Pacific. She earned her Administrative Services Credential in 2012 and M.Ed. in Educational Leadership in 2013 from Teachers College of San Joaquin.

Crescentia Thomas, Ed.D.

Crescentia Thomas, Ed.D.

Director of Graduate Studies |

Dr. Crescentia Thomas has over 14 years of educational experience. During her 13 years as a resource specialist, she worked with students with special needs, assisted in administrative duties at the school site, mentored novice teachers, and collaborated with the curriculum department in her district to design professional development for special education teachers. As a resource specialist, she became knowledgeable in incorporating a variety of accommodations and modification into lesson plans, collaborating with K-8 teachers and program specialists, and advocating for students. Crescentia joined Teachers College in August 2010 as an instructor in the masters core and hence taught in the Special Ed and Preservice cohorts. She became a full-time advisor in August 2014.

Crescentia holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of San Diego, a M.A. in Education (Special Education) from California State University, Sacramento, an Administrative Services Credential from CSU, Stanislaus, and an Educational Doctorate from the University of the Pacific.

Karin Compise, Ed.D.

Karin Compise, Ed.D.

Coordinator, Residency at TCSJ |

Dr. Karin Compise has over 20 years of classroom teaching experience in Stockton. Part of that time was spent in the primary grades and the last 14 years were in intermediate and middle school settings. Karin is passionate about doing whatever it takes to not only meet students' needs in the classroom but inspire students to be curious, confident, life-long learners. Some of Karin's educational interests are project-and inquiry-based learning, empowering teachers to take (responsible) risks, and constantly questioning the status quo. Karin is an instructor in both the graduate as well as the MIAA program at TCSJ.

In addition to her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and her Administrative Services Credential, Karin holds a B.A. in Psychology from CSU Stanislaus, a M.A. in Teaching from National University, a M.Ed. in Educational Administration and Leadership from TCSJ, a Mathematics Instructional Added Authorization (MIAA) from TCSJ, and an Ed.D from the University of the Pacific.

Michele Badovinac, M.A.

Michele Badovinac, M.A.

Director of IMPACT Credentials |

Michele Badovinac has spent over 25 years in education. She has been a Spanish teacher, department chairperson, mentor teacher, AVID teacher and site coordinator as well as a National AVID Staff Developer. In 2001, she began working at the San Joaquin County Office of Education (SJCOE) as a Regional Coordinator for AVID. In 2005, after earning her Administrative Services Credential, she became the Regional Director. Following her tenure with AVID, she worked as the Director of K-12 Outreach for Cal-PASS Plus, where she not only provided K-12 expertise and perspective, but collaborated on efforts to align P-20 education systems. These roles have enabled her to collaborate with educators across the state and to provide leadership and professional learning opportunities for administrators, counselors and teachers. Before joining the TCSJ team, Michele served as a SJCOE Coordinator of RSDSS for two years. In RSDSS, she designed and facilitated customized professional learning for Title I districts and schools, as well as provided support for instructional leaders.

Badovinac earned her B.A. in Spanish from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1988 and one year later received a Single Subject Spanish Teaching Credential from San Francisco State University. In 1992, she received her M.A. from San Francisco State in Secondary education and went on to earn her Administrative Services Credential in 2005 from St. Mary's College.

Louise Gammon, M.Ed.

Louise Gammon, M.Ed.

Coordinator of IMPACT Credentials, Stanislaus County Office of Education |

Louise Gammon has served as an educator at the elementary level for more than twenty years. Her experience includes teaching Reading Recovery, serving as mentor, master teacher, and BTSA Support Provider. TCSJ recently partnered with the Stanislaus County Office of Education (SCOE) to offer credential coursework and Louise is the coordinator of the program at SCOE.

Gammon graduated with a B.A. in Liberal Studies from California State University, Sacramento and has a M.A. in Educational Administration from University of Pacific. Louise holds a Multiple Subject teaching credential and an Administrative Services credential.

Katie Burns, M.Ed.

Katie Burns, ED.D.

Accreditation Liaison Officer and Institutional Evaluator |

Katie Burns has been in education for more than 10 years. As an elementary and middle school teacher in San Joaquin County, she served students in grades four through eight. Katie has been an active proponent of project based and inquiry learning, and has worked as a leader to create and implement PBL curriculum in local schools. She has also served as a mathematics instructional coach and is an active volunteer in Science Olympiad, as well as other STEM-focused ventures.

Katie earned a B.A. in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley, and two masters degrees (Educational Inquiry and STEM) from Teachers College of San Joaquin. She completed her doctorate studies in Educational Leadership through the University of the Pacific.

Elizabeth Jara, M.A.

Elizabeth Jara, M.A.

Coordinator, IMPACT Programs |

Beth Jara has multiple subject and education specialist credentials and is currently in her 20th year of teaching in a special education setting. Her professional expertise includes working with emotional disturbance and mental health diagnoses for grades 7 - 12 students. She can support and advise candidates who are studying all implications and considerations of an education specialist. Beth's research interests include reflexivity, analysis and change of philosophical and theoretical programming practices for students with emotional disturbance, resilience building, academic and social-emotional outcomes for ED students, effects of education specialist teacher training and preparation, systems theories for student outcomes and retention of quality teachers, SWPBIS, and MTSS.

Elizabeth has a B.A. in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Special Education from University of the Pacific, a M.A. in Special Education from CSU Sacramento, and is currently working on her doctorate in Specialized Educational Leadership with a cognate in Curriculum and Instruction from University of the Pacific.

Girlie Hale, M.Ed.

Girlie Hale, M.Ed.

Coordinator, IMPACT Programs, Lead Support Supervisor |

Girlie Hale has over 20 years of experience in education, starting as a preschool teacher. Hired in 1997, she has served as a Teacher, Program Specialist, Math Coach, Assistant Principal, and ultimately a Principal for 12 years at PK-8th grade schools in Stockton Unified School District. During her tenure with SUSD, she was involved in the Teacher Induction Program (formerly BTSA), starting as a beginning teacher, provided support as a peer coach and site mentor, became a support provider, and continuing her advocacy as an Induction Leadership representative for the district. She joined TCSJ in 2008 as an adjunct instructor for the Administrative Services Credential Program with TCSJ's Graduate Studies program. As a Coordinator for the IMPACT Program, Girlie serves as the Lead Support Supervisor and District Liaison, providing intern support in collaboration with supervisors within the educational field. In 2017, she received the PDK Distinguished Service Award for School Administration.

Girlie holds a B.A. in Liberal Studies/Psychology and a Multiple Subject teaching credential from California State University, Stanislaus; and an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and Administrative Services Credential from the University of the Pacific. She belongs to various educational organizations, including ACSA, ASCD, PDK, and PLTW State Advocacy.

Michelle Jones

Michelle Jones, M.Ed.

Coordinator, IMPACT Credentials |

Michelle has a "short" 29-year history in the field of education. From private preschool to 8th grade, she has discovered that for her, the three most critical instructional practices are clear learning objectives, student engagement and ongoing assessment to check for understanding, regardless of the age being taught. Michelle has had the opportunity to serve on the California Kindergarten Association Board of Directors and currently serves on the Executive Committee as the President Elect. In this position, Michelle has lead meetings throughout California and has had the opportunity to travel to Vietnam to train teaching staff on whole and small group instruction in reading and math. Michelle has been working for the past 15 years in early education in Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten in Oakdale, California.

She has recently graduated from TCSJ with her Masters' in Early Childhood Education. Michelle holds a B.S. in Liberal Studies from California State Stanislaus as well as a minor in Child Development with a Director's Center permit. She also has a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, Professional Clear Credential, CLAD certificate and a GATE certification.

Kathy Athey

Brandy Byers, Ed.D.

Coordinator, Teacher Induction and Professional Learning |

Brandy Byers is a veteran educator who has worked as a secondary teacher and school administrator in a variety of K-12 settings (including online!). She is passionate about innovation and professional learning.

She earned her Bachelor's degree from University of California, Santa Cruz with a double major in Modern Literature and Printmaking. She also attended the Principal's Leadership Institute at University of California, Los Angeles, where she earned her Master's degree. She went on to complete her doctorate at the University of Oregon in Educational Leadership.

Lisa Reece, M.Ed.

Lisa Reece, M.Ed.

Coordinator, IMPACT Intern Credential Program, Single Subject | CTE/Designated Subjects Credential Program Advisor |

Over the last 15 years, Lisa has served in a variety of capacities including high school English and AVID teacher, Lead Teacher and AVID Coordinator, Instructional Coach, Assistant Principal at a K-8 school, and TCSJ Instructor.

She has a strong background and belief in building relationships with students and educators and a deep-rooted philosophy that ALL children should feel challenged at all times, while at the same time, ensuring they feel included and valued. Children should be the center of the education process. As a leader and educator of teachers, she feels enormous pressure to build within teachers a core belief that they are simply the guide on a child's journey through education.

Stephanie Gase

Stephanie Gase

Admissions Supervisor |

Stephanie joined Teachers College of San Joaquin in June 2014 as the Student Accounts advisor. She has worked for the San Joaquin County Office of Education for over 10 years and has over 25 years of accounting and customer service experience. Previously, Stephanie worked in the Mortgage and Medical Industry. Her education is in Accounting.

Katie Turner

Katie Turner

Recruitment, Marketing, and Communications Manager |

Katie Turner began working at TCSJ in 2012 as a Staff Secretary in the admissions department. In 2014, she became the College & Community Liaison and was recently promoted to the Recruitment, Marketing, and Communications Manager in February of 2020. Prior to joining the TCSJ team, Katie worked in administration for a financial consulting company, and worked for ACES ABA, where she provided individual therapy for children with autism.

Katie received her B.A. in Communications from University of California, Santa Barbara.

Office of the President

Dr. Diane Carnahan, President
(209) 468-9155,

Vicky DePrater, Assistant to the President
(209) 468-9155,

Patty Voller, Administration Support
(209) 953-2115,

Admissions Team

Admissions Support:

  • Debora Sator, (209) 468-4859,
  • Sarah Oblin, (209) 468-4926,
  • Oscar Salgado, (209) 468-9157,

Stephanie Gase, Admissions Supervisor & Student Accounts
(209) 468-9238,

Crysol Salcedo, Enrollment Technician & Student Accounts
(209) 953-2114,

Credentials Team

Amber Wann, Credential Services: Preliminary Teaching, Added Authorizations, CTE, MIAA, Autism, & Clear/Induction Teaching
(209) 468-9133,

Tammie Scheid, Credential Services: Intern Teaching, Intern Change of Restriction, Intern Extension, Administrative Services
(209) 468-9132,

Graduate Studies Team

Graduate Studies Support:

  • Judene Violante, (209) 468-9191,
  • Tammy Thornton, (209) 953-2126,

Dr. Crescentia Thomas, Director of Graduate Studies & M.Ed. Advisor
(209) 953-2126,

Dr. Brandy Byers, PLC and Induction Coordinator
(209) 468-9190,

Danielle Daubin, M.Ed., Administrative Services Credentials Coordinator
(209) 468-9172,

Dr. Karin Compise, Residency at TCSJ Program Coordinator
(209) 817-8167,

Dr. Katie Burns, M.Ed. Programs Research and Evaluation Coordinator & M.Ed. Advisor
(209) 953-2109,

IMPACT Teaching Credentials Team

IMPACT Teaching Credentials Support:

  • Kim Heinrich: (209) 468-9001,
  • Rebecca Rich: (209) 468-9077,

Michele Badovinac, M.A., Director, IMPACT Credentials & Teacher Performance Assessments
(209) 468-9077,

Beth Jara, M.A., Special Education Program Coordinator
(209) 313-2372,

Delgel Pabalan, M.A., Educator Assessments and Data Coordinator
(209) 817-8087,

Girlie Hale, M.ED., Lead Support Supervisor
(209) 468-5906,

Lisa Reece, Single Subjects & CTE Programs Coordinator
(209) 468-5935,

Louise Gammon, M.Ed., Pre-Service Program Coordinator
(209) 468-9059,

Michelle Jones, M.Ed., Multiple Subjects Program Coordinator
(209) 468-9192,

Recruitment and Marketing:

Katie Turner, Manager
(209) 468-9164,

Meet the Affiliate Faculty

Teachers College of San Joaquin purposefully selects faculty with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Specific attention is paid to finding and selecting skilled practitioners whenever possible. We believe that a teacher's college should promote best practice and include experts in the field. As a result, our faculty includes teachers, principals, district and county officials, industry leaders, and academics. When choosing faculty, experience and scholarship are weighted equally. We value both our fulltime and affiliate faculty members. Instructors, Supervisors, and Leadership Coaches for Teaching Credential Programs, Preliminary and Clear Administrative Credential Programs, and M.Ed. programs are listed below.

If you would like to contact someone, please email a request to for contact information.

  • Adam Schlecht
  • Adriana Enriquez, M.Ed.
  • Adrianne Go-Miller, Ed.D.
  • Allan Lial, M.Ed.
  • Amanda Boyer, M.Ed.
  • Amanda Gomez, M.Ed.
  • Amanda Shores
  • Amy Frame, Ed.D
  • Amy Grith
  • Amy Lee, M.A.
  • Andra Yeghoian, MBA
  • Andrea Fuentes
  • Andrew Dompeling
  • Andrew Griggs, M.Ed.
  • Angela Cotton, M.Ed.
  • Angelic Jauregui
  • Anna Dolce, M.Ed.
  • Anne Marie Millin, M.A.
  • Anne Swehla Garcia, M.A.
  • Annemarie Zimzores, M.Ed.
  • Annie Duong, Ed.D.
  • Annita McManus-White, Ed.D.
  • Anthony Serna, Ed.D.
  • Ashley Ramirez
  • Audrey Weir-Graham, M.A.
  • Barbara Seibert
  • Belinda Squires, M.A.
  • Bill Avey
  • Bill Murray
  • Bob Wallace
  • Bobbie Vang, M.Ed
  • Bonnie Stewart-Funk, Ed.D.
  • Breanne Jantz
  • Brenda Rice, M.A.
  • Bret States, M.S.
  • Brian Biedermann, M.Ed.
  • Bruce Roberson
  • Cam Wong, M.A.
  • Carla Gonzales, Ed.D.
  • Carol Anderson Woo, Ed.D.
  • Carol Brigham
  • Carol Brooks, M.A.
  • Carole McNair, M.A.
  • Ashley Ramirez
  • Catherine Pennington, M.Ed.
  • Cathy Barnes
  • Cathy Fatzer, M.A.
  • Cathy Nichols-Washer, Ed.D.
  • Charalee Cunningham, M.A.
  • Charlene Hinton, M.Ed.
  • Cheryl Nilmeyer
  • Christine Chapple, M.Ed.
  • Christine Markus, M.Ed.
  • Cid Gunston-Parks, Ph.D.
  • Colette Moyse, M.Ed.
  • Colleen Hurley, M.Ed.
  • Colleen Mulrooney
  • Craig Pearce
  • Daniel Wright, M.A.
  • Darla Galloway, M.A.

  • David Looney, Ed.d.
  • David Viss, Ed.D.
  • Dawn Vetica, M.A.
  • Dean McNair
  • Dean Reese, M.S.
  • Deanne Andrade, M.Ed.
  • Debbie Abdallah, M.A.
  • Debbie DeGanna, M.A.
  • Debbr Finney, M.A.
  • Deborah Hernandez
  • Debra Hopman, M.Ed.
  • Denise Smart
  • Don Halseth, M.A.
  • Don Voortman, M.A.
  • Donald Edde
  • Dustin Curtiss, M.Ed.
  • Elisabeth Hensel, M.Ed.
  • Elizabeth Lowy, M.Ed.
  • Ellena Gibbons, M.A.
  • Erin Guthrie, M.Ed.
  • Ernesto Calderon, M.Ed.
  • Faith Ofman, M.Ed.
  • Fred Cochran, M.Ed.
  • Gail McWilliams, M.Ed.
  • Gary Rooney, M.A.
  • Guadalupe Villalobos
  • Heather Dragoo
  • Heidi Schipper, M.Ed.
  • Helen Katotakis, M.Ed.
  • Jackie Villines, M.Ed.
  • James Liese, Ed.D
  • James Paige, M.A.
  • James Wright, M.Ed.
  • Janee Montelongo Waters, M.A.
  • Janice Bussey, M.A.
  • Jazmin Matthews
  • Je Aprile
  • Jenna Valponi, M.A.
  • Jennifer Barry
  • Jennifer Klopatek-Driscoll, M.A.
  • Ashley Ramirez
  • Jerey Palmquist, M.S.
  • Jessica Branstetter, M.Ed.
  • Joann Balestreri, M.Ed.
  • Joel Blomenkamp, Ed.D.
  • Joel Johannsen, M.Ed.
  • John Cicinato, M.A.
  • John Luis, M.A.
  • John Miller, M.S.
  • John White, M.A.
  • Jolie Ruiz, M.S.
  • Jonathan Whitford, M.Ed.
  • Jorge Pulido, M.A.
  • Joseph Schallberger, M.Ed.
  • Joshua Brigham, M.A.
  • Judy Peebles
  • Justin Pruett, M.S.

  • Justine Sares, M.Ed
  • Kamran Sedhigi, M.S.
  • Karen Jaramillo
  • Kathleen Dennis, M.Ed.
  • Kathleen Peebles, M.Ed.
  • Kathy Scholl, M.Ed.
  • Kecia Won-Jones, M.Ed.
  • Kent Hinton, M.A.
  • Kevin Harkin, M.Ed.
  • Kim Bell
  • Kimberly Ott, M.Ed.
  • Kirk Brown, M.A.
  • Larry Graser, M.Ed.
  • Lauren Dinubilo, M.Ed.
  • Liliana Lazo, Ed.D.
  • Linda Dopp, M.A.
  • Linda Frost, M.Ed.
  • Linda Kraus, M.A.
  • Linda Myers, M.Ed.
  • Lindsay Kumar, M.Ed.
  • Liselle Clark, M.S.
  • Lori Gobbi, M.A.
  • Lori Morgan, Ed.D.
  • Lynn Yanko
  • Marcia Finke, M.A.
  • Margaret St. George, M.S.
  • Margie Bulkin, Ed.D.
  • Marie Love
  • Maria Castanon, M.Ed.
  • Heidi Schipper, M.Ed.
  • Maria Villalobos Hernandez
  • Mary Damiano
  • Mary Kelley, M.Ed.
  • Mary Parks-Luntao
  • Mary Richards, M.A.
  • Mary Welch, Ed.D.
  • Matthew Brenner, M.Ed.
  • Megan Gwin, M.A.
  • Megan Schull-Smith, M.Ed.
  • Melanie Evans, M.A.
  • Melissa Logan, M.S.
  • Michael Lockwood, M.Ed.
  • Michael Paige, M.A.
  • Michele Bryson
  • Michelle Shelton, M.A.
  • Mitchell Mesimer, M.Ed.
  • Molly Johnson, M.A.
  • Mona Kayton
  • Monica Corriea
  • Nancy Link, M.A.
  • Nancy Wilkins, M.Ed.
  • Natalie Dragoo, M.Ed.
  • Nichole Whorton
  • Nikkole Scruggs, M.A.
  • Noella Goodyear, M.S.
  • Pamela Burns, M.Ed.
  • Pamela Dunham, M.Ed.
  • Pamela Moreno, M.A.

  • Pat Dimond, M.A.
  • Patricia Boutte, M.Ed.
  • Patricia Busher, M.Ed.
  • Patricia Gorzeman, M.Ed.
  • Paul Brogan, M.Ed.
  • Rachael Navarrete, M.Ed.
  • Rachelle Pappas, M.Ed.
  • Raymond Stoddard, M.A.
  • Rene Malamed, Ed.D
  • Richard Capello, M.Ed.
  • Richard Harlow
  • Richard Holbrook, M.Ed.
  • Rick Calbreath, M.A.
  • Robert Bornmann, M.A.
  • Robin Gurrola
  • Robin Searway, M.Ed.
  • Rolf Athearn, M.A.
  • Ron Boren, M.A.
  • Rosalie Reberg, M.Ed.
  • Rosalynne Lopez
  • Sage Benson, M.A.
  • Samantha McCoy, M.Ed.
  • Sandee Kludt, Ed.D.
  • Sandra Riggins
  • Sarah Sanchez, M.Ed.
  • Scott Eckerle, M.S., M.A.
  • Scott Peebles
  • Shannon Hess, M.S.
  • Shari Provost
  • Shauna Rottweiler, M.A.
  • Sheila Harrison, Ed.D.
  • Sheri Griffith
  • Sherry Jackson, Ed.D.
  • Siegrid Robeson, Ed.D.
  • Stanley Smart, M.Ed.
  • Stephanie Hitchcock, M.Ed.
  • Stephanie Prioste, M.Ed.
  • Steve Yund, M.S.
  • Steven Callahan, M.Ed.
  • Steven Throne, M.A.
  • Sue Swartzlander, M.Ed.
  • Susan Alldredge
  • Susan Blickensta
  • Susan Lockman, Ph.D
  • Susan Navarrete
  • Susan Taylor, M.Ed.
  • Susana Mayorga
  • Susanne Reed, M.S.
  • Suzan Turner-Kelly, Ed.D.
  • Suzette Berhorst, M.Ed.
  • Sylvia Fraiser, M.Ed.
  • Tammy Williams-Ankcorn, M.A.
  • Terri Sorgent, M.A.
  • Terry Crumpacker, M.A.
  • Thomas Crocker, Ph.D.
  • Thomas Morgan
  • Tiani Hudgins, M.Ed.
  • Tiani Vaccarezza, M.A.

  • Tiany Martin, M.A.
  • Timothy Sass
  • Tom Galvin
  • Toni Tranel-Harkin
  • Vanessa Jara, M.A.
  • Veronica Tigert, M.Ed.
  • Vickie Mulvaney-Trask, Ed.D.
  • Wayne Brown
  • Yvette Menchaca, M.Ed.
  • Yvonne Estrada, M.A.
  • Yvonne Thornton, M.Ed.
  • Zoila Toth, M.Ed.